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OUR Specialties

At Shelterra, we have a keen interest in finding new ways to solve common industry problems. Over the years, this has led us to develop our own creations, as well as to install unique and innovative products made by others.

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Rammed Earth Structures

Rammed earth is an ancient building method, used to provide shelter for thousands of years in many regions across the world.


We are among a small group of builders who have been fortunate enough to learn the modern techniques that have brought rammed earth building into the 21st century, such as utilizing the structural aspects of concrete and the added necessary element of insulation.


With a high level of lifetime energy efficiency and unique artistic finish details, rammed earth is one of the most beautiful, durable, and low maintenance methods of construction we can imagine.

Deck Rail Connector

Deck rail caps made of wood often fail to last. By being so tightly connected, they are subject to moisture that doesn’t dry out quickly, and they expand and contract at different rates – often causing the joints to open up.


We have created a deck rail connector that maintains a space between the individual pieces of rail cap, while also establishing the secure connection necessary to preserve both aesthetic detail and structural integrity over time.

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ClearView Retractable Screen Doors

We are a dealer of top of the line retractable screen door systems by ClearView.


These screens offer unobstructed views when rolled up in the housing, are only mildly visible when extended, and protect from insects while the doors and windows are open.

ClearView door parts are powder coated extruded aluminum, solid cast handles, and a patented “speed reducer” that controls the screen retraction process, giving it a graceful retraction into the storage housing.

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“We love our screens!”

~Rick Rementaria, Roche Harbor Washington

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