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With decades of experience in construction, design, home maintenance, and mechanics, we are your resource for new creations and solving your building problems.

Have a project in mind?

Check out our specialties to get a sense of how we can best meet your needs.


We build custom homes, affordable housing, 

accessory dwelling units and more.


From home improvements to whole house renovations, we can help enhance your space.


Our crew is well equipped to creatively diagnose + repair a broad range of issues in your home.


We believe preventative property care is a sound investment for the longevity of any structure.

Rather talk it through with us​ firsthand?


Custom Homes

Affordable Housing

Light Commercial 

Accessory Dwelling Units

Modern Modular Structures

Our crew has a wide array of experience in new construction methods and project management.


We understand building from the ground up, which takes us from excavation to roofing – and everything in between.

* Traditional, Timber and Advance Framing

* Rammed Earth

* Structural and Architectural Concrete        

* Structural Insulated Panels​

  • Kitchens and Baths

  • Cosmetic Updating

  • New Room Layouts

  • Room Additions

  • Exterior Decks + Railings

There is nothing more satisfying than giving a homeowner a renewed sense of appreciation and love for their home. We tackle everything from small-scale home improvements to whole-house remodels and additions.


No matter the project, we aim to enhance the functionality of your home while strategizing to minimize the impacts on your quality of life. We will listen to your ideas and work with you to find the balance of efficiency and aesthetic necessary to best execute your vision.



Home Systems

Weather Damage

Our crew is well versed in the building trades and specialties. This uniquely positions us to help you solve a wide variety of problems with your house. 


Whether it requires an urgent solution or you have time to plan ahead, we’ll respond in a timely manner and help you resolve the issues at hand.

* Water Damage

* Leaky Doors and Windows

* Dry Rot

* Attic Air Sealing & Insulation Improvements

* Crawl Space Moisture & Drainage Issues

  • Windows, Decks + Siding

  • Roofing + Gutters

  • Paint + Masonry

  • Tile + Grout

  • HVAC

  • More

At Shelterra, we understand that routine property care and regular home maintenance are crucial to preventing unexpected damage, systems failure, and unnecessary expense.


Whether we are inspecting your crawlspaces and attics for air infiltration or vapor barrier problems, or touching up your home's exterior paint job, we will help you determine the best way to take care of your structure – in the most comprehensive yet cost-effective way possible.

Want to see more of our finished work? Check out our projects to get a feel for our range of scale, style, and type.

Curious about whether our team would be well-suited for a job you need doing? We're happy to answer your questions! Click here to reach out.

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